Curse of the Siren 600x800.jpg

Directed by: Ari Stidham
Starring: Brock McKenzie, Maggie Wilson, Amanda McCants

Curse of the Siren

"For his directorial debut, Ari Stidham has gone back into mythology, with a modern update on an ancient legend. Mixing horror with a splash or two of comedy, he has crafted an atmospheric tale, largely taking place in a single location, and ramping up the claustrophobia. Deliberately understated rather than in your face, this feels like the kind of story M.R. James might have written – if he was working in contemporary Los Angeles! Fangoria FearCon are delighted to present the world premiere of Curse of the Siren. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water…" 


Director’s statement: Making this film was a blast. I consider myself so lucky that this was my first feature. I am so grateful to work with my dear friends and some of the most talented artists around. Hope you enjoy Curse of the Siren!